WordPress and date formatting

WP has really amazed me. Everything works perfectly and the software itself is very usefriendly. If there’s one thing that quite annoys me at this very moment I would say that I find it ridiculous the way WP formats the time using PHP code.

I should say that I find it very useful that WP has the ability to let the time differ from UTC, but that’s of course not the issue. The issue here is that I want to display the date in my own language thus February is respectively februari in dutch. The reason why WP cannot handle is, is the fact that they currently use the date() function to format timestamps. To solve this, I have changed the textual representation into numeric parameters for the date() function. Of course this is ridiculous. The right solution is to use setlocale() which defines local information. Thus there would be an option that gives the admin the ability to fill in the value that matches their own local settings for time ecetera. The time could then be formatted using the strftime() function.

As I’m not that familiar with the code behind WP I’m not yet able to write a plugin for this issue. I personally believe that it might be better that the people at WP take this demand seriously instead of fulfilling the logware with a bunch of features that we don’t need. Are there by the way other people that experience the same problem?

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