Often we walk with a notebook or notepad around to take notes at work, school or personal project. But can the information you need quickly find and decipher? Can you easily share your notes? Take the initiative in hand with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007: the program for taking notes and managing information, ideas and information that you easily can capture in electronic form. Files or Web content to add colorful, in a searchable format or as icons that you click to get access to it. Watch this demo and discover how easy it is to collect information, to create, organize and share with others. Say goodbye to your notepad!

OneNote is many things to many people. It is part electronic organizer and part digital notebook. Some people use it for taking notes during meetings or lectures. Others use it as a repository for information they find on the web or on their computer. Whatever you put into OneNote, whether it’s web clippings, emails, Word Documents or handwritten notes, it is a powerful tool for creating a centralized, organized and searchable information cache.

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