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I happen to sign-up myself for all kinds of services, because I want to be ahead of everything. Mostly, I go by the nickname of “kriskras”. To be honest, actually this identifier is more of a second choice, since I usually check if “Kris” is available in the first place — I managed to get hold of my own name on Gowalla. So why do I give this information? Read along.

I want to talk about disqus — the commenting platform used on this weblog. Actually, in general, I’m very satisfied about the service. It has some powerful tools and features and well, it’s just a very handy way of centralizing discussions.

On my disqus account I manage two communities: the audiences for this personal blog and my technical blog. Besides that, I’m also able to track all the comments I have made across the Web. Isn’t that awesome?

Although I have never had any problems with disqus since I’ve signed up on 3 July 2008, I must say that lately some odd things are going on.

On my gmail i’m receiving e-mails that are definitely out of my business. The first strange thing is, these e-mails are all sourced from tumblr blogs (#1).

When I dive into such an e-mail, I see the commenter’s e-mail address, IP and optionally their user’s URL. Additionally, a link to the comment is displayed. Am I allowed to see this data?

This would mean that these comments should also end up in my moderate queue on disqus, which asserts true.

I can basically just edit, spam, flag, approve or delete each and every single comment being made on the Web Takes World and the Imagine Creativity tumblr blogs. There is a conflict of interest here, involving the three of us. However, they do not appear in my list of sites that I moderate (#2). Does my blog appear in their queues?

Here some additional facts.

As mentioned before I administer two communities. Regarding these comments, it turns out that they all appear in the comments queue of this particular blog (#3).

Somewhere in August 2009 disqus launched a new version, including peronsal URL’s. That’s how I managed to snatch kris.disqus.com. It seems though that they are no longer supporting this, because I can’t find it anywhere in my profile settings. For now it’s just an artifact, but maybe causing these conflict of interests, as “kris”, my personal ID, is also appearing in the names of the tumblr bloggers — I don’t think this is by accident. They’d better fix it as soon as possible and I wonder how many users are experiencing similar issues.

As for my other blog, A Legacy to Pass On, another matter makes me wonder. When I expand the community box I read that it has a total of 2 comments and 6 likes.

In contrast, the moderate queue on disqus itself oddly doesn’t show any comments at all.

Disqus, please look into both these matters because it’s harming your business. Sort out your community statistics as they are kind of messed up, so it seems.

4 thoughts on “Disqus data messed up”

  1. 1. Yes, if you’re the moderator of a site you see this data.
    2. I see Kris under your account, you just need to switch sites at the time of your admin with the change link.

    If you have any more questions or concerns shoot us an email at help@disqus.com


  2. Thanks giannii for getting in touch with me. However, as for 1 I’m NOT the moderator of the website so this is a bug. With respect to 2, I’ve already changed between the sites and the data is just blatantly wrong.

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