Overruling Server restrictions by Remote Desktop

To remotely access a computer, Microsoft comes with the Remote Desktop Protocol. It basically provides a user with a GUI to another computer.

Lately I have been using it to login to Windows servers. It happens that the administrator limits the concurrent connections to, say, three users. Then, if all three are logged on, you simply cannot access the server because of the number of active users restriction. That is, by following the normal procedure and accessing the command line by clicking
“Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection”.

There’s a solution or work around to this. You can overrule such constraints, using the command “mstsc /admin”.

This will connect you to the session for administering the server. The command “mstsc /?” shows what the “admin” option does — the question mark is the Linux equivalent for “–help” on DOS. Still, “–help” also works on DOS.

For our specific use case, you then can login to a Windows XP server, go to Terminsal Services Manager (Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Manager), and just right click the user there and select disconnect or log off.

Be cautious of your server administrator though, because he might not be very amused 😉

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