How to resolve broken linked tables by looking at the path

What if your Microsoft Access DB is no longer working? Assume you get an error like the one below that I have stumbled upon today.

The error says that the Microsoft Jet Database engine cannot find your object. This actually means you are working with Linked Tables: tables that are linked to an object, like a CSV file for instance. 

The linked path for the objects was pointing at the wrong location since the file had been moved to a new location. The solution is to fix the path.

Here’s how to resolve this matter.

Assume that we have a database with a Linked Table to a CSV file –x.txt.

  1. Go to your database.
  2.  For each Linked Table, right click and select the Linked Table Manager. Verify the path, in this case “C:\DATA\x.txt”, and check if the file exists at this location by exploring it.
  3. Go back to your main database window and select “Tools > Options”. In this window, make sure that “System Objects” is checked.
  4. Now you will see that a number of System tables appear. One particularly interesting table in this case is the MSysObjects table.
  5. The “Database” column will point to the path of your object. Fix this path accordingly by making sure that the linked locations for each object refer to the right object path.


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