Send button in Outlook disappeared

A while back I opened my Outlook 2003 to go through the daily routine of checking my e-mails.

There was a pile of e-mails that I had to answer.

Opening an item, formulating an answer in my head, I try to click and reach out for the oh-so-famous reply button. Here comes the clue: it had disappered! Gone.

For those who know CTRL + ENTER: proceed. Doesn’t bring back that magical button though.

Here’s the solution:

Rename the outcmd.dat file to outcmd.old. Then restarted Outlook et voila!

To find outcmd.dat, perform a “Search” from the Start button, but be sure you select the option to look for hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options >View > Files and Folders > Hidden Files and Folders > Show hidden files and folders). Or, you might try looking for C:\Documents and Settings\”user”\Application Data\Outlook\outcmd.dat

There you go!


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