Is it still stealing when it is already stolen?

I just came back from watching new movie In Time. The trailer was so kick-ass. I was blown away by the idea of time as a currency and the additional element of genetical engineering: you don’t age after 25, but everyone has just one year after to live. And the movie really lived it up to my expectations. The story is actually quite simple. The world is divided in different time zones with different wealth. It is about a working class man named Will Salas played by Justin Timberlake. In a bar he notices Henry Hamilton, who has over 100 years worth of time still left. But as he is spending all his remaining time on liquor and girls, Will helps Henry to escape from a gang lead by Fortis who is after him because of his unusual spending behavior. Henry however chooses to end his live and gives away all his time resources to Will. By then his mother runs out of time, so he is left on his own and follows his dream to the rich New Greenwich time zone. But the Time Keepers get notice of the one hundred year anomaly and think that Will is behind the alleged murder of Henry Hamilton. Meanwhile, in a casino, Will wins a game of poker against powerful financial banker Weis. He also meets Weis very beautiful daughter Sylvia, who invites Will to a party. However, the party is soon over when the Time Keepers track Will down. But not just yet, as Will is able to get away with Sylvia. The story then is basically a cat and mouse game where Will & Sylvia eventually manage to return time to the poor.

A few ideas and thoughts.

  1. It is about a new world order where transparency is important: time is displayed on your arm and can be seen by anyone.
  2. It is true that you can get away with stealing from your own people. Think about undeclared work, people evading taxes. However, stealing from the rich will get you nowhere. You will definitely lose that lawsuit.
  3. New Greenwich can be compared to Wall-Street. Time Keepers represent todays regulators and bureaucrats. They have to keep the routine going.  The movie is very present-day with the financial crisis still looming around and the OWS movement taking over our nations. I don’t think this movie would be so appealing in the golden sixties.
  4. Maybe we should reconsider the value of time. Using your time well is important. To my readers: I really often find myself with a lack of time as there is so much to do and I never get bored.
  5. There were some cool ideas. Generosity versus greediness.  Darwinian capitalism: the survival of the fittest. A world where every second counts and the poor die while the rich live forever

All in all: the movie topic is very gripping to me, there is some mild humor in. Moreover, anti-hero Justin Timberlake does some great acting and innocent Amanda Seyfried (Sylvia) just looks stunning.  Would rate it a 7 out of 10 and one of the best movies seen so far this year!

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