You can’t handcuff the truth

Today I was watching Terzake and comtemporarian ecstatic Balkan philosopher Slavoj Zizek was up for discussion. Apparently he had been on stage in the Ghent Bozar theater yesterday. It was packed. Indeed, with the crushing credit crunch upon us, people are looking for hope and a bright future. Hope and warmth is exactly what Slavoj brings us and that’s why he’s deemed a hero in Occupy circles. Truth be told, he might be a visionary to me too. The Slovenian intellect really seems to understand where we are at ideologically. We are trapped today in a capitalistic ideology. And it is overly democratic. Spoiled I would even say. Well, let me give you some examples: you have to have an opinion. It is so wrong to be indifferent today. You can do whatever you want. Slavoj on his end illustrates this with a very tasteless story. There is apparently a surgeon in New York whose speciality is to cut the penis in two, so you can have sex with two women. Now that is in stark constrast with the efforts we are putting in healthcare. Just giving 2 more percent is impossible because then we will lose our competitivity.

So Slavoj puts forward the opinion that it has become time for us to change our priorities a little bit. I think he is right, i don’t think we need to do drastically change our system. But things need to change evidently. And that is exactly what the Occupy movement also “stands” for. These people intuitively feel something is wrong. In the past people only fought for one specific issue, like the Iraq war or racism. Slavoj says that Occupy is the first mass movement that people vaguely have the insight that something is structurally wrong with the system as such. He sees OWS as a begin, a first mass movement for people to think and then to act.  Speaking of Wall Street:  ironically I think we can see it as a metaphor for a gardened street where a lot of wild, criminal and uncontrolled things happen. More: we use Twitter everyday to communicate. How chaotic, unsustainable is this medium? It is the same as everything inherent to our society: an utter mess on steroids.  There are simply no boundaries anymore. No structures, too little sustainability. Too much of everything. We have to reinvent ourselves. Rationalize. There is too much coupling. Of course being interconnect is good, but you have to think how one thing leads to the other. I think the first theories are already conceptualizing Slavoj’s ideas. I mean, in Information Technology it is so obvious that things are wrong. We don’t invest in high quality software but leverage on the latest trends . This has to stop. Normalized Systems is the cure. Our overwhelming democratic society is sadly overdue.

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