How the wind blows

You never know how the wind blows. And so I am going to Vietnam in early 2012. The first time in Asia and the South-East for some three weeks!

My tickets are booked and visa is dispensed. My flight will go from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. And from Kualu Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City. It will be a long trip, but so much worth it.

We don’t have a plan to see places and actually will try to limit tourist sites as much as possible. But I do of course want to see Vietnam’s breathtaking nature, get to know its culture and ethnic people more closely and discover its hidden charms. And it is time for me to relax so that I can start the new year afresh.

The cool thing is that while we are there, the Vietnamese lunar New Year aka Tet is celebrated. So I will get to see a lot. And the camera will be with me to make some stunning photos.
Will try to do some occasional blogging too.

Super excited!

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