The movies of 2011

I have watched many movies in 2011. But because I have such a bad memory, I decided to keep track of them – it should be fairly complete. Some I saw in the theater, some at home. Here an overview and some words on each of them.

  1. The American. With George Clooney: thoughtful story, but little plot. Loved the cinematography. You immediately get thrown into the story (an assassination). No bullshit. We no speak Americano.
  2. Dear John – from the director of  The Notebook. Special forces soldier falls in love with a beautiful young lady, but decides to go on a military mission. A year later, the sickness of his father forces him to come back home. Kind of liked the drama twist. Made my girlfriend’s face ugly 🙂
  3. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – exaggerated. Disney production. Predictable.
  4. The Freebie – one long dreaded dialogue. Loved the concept, but couldn’t hold the attention for longer than 30 minutes.
  5. Pineapple Express – Poor stoner footage.
  6. The Hours – drama, lovely music and Julianne Moore!
  7. A Single Man – crazy mad gay professor and Julianne Moore.
  8. From Paris with loveJohn Travolta.
  9. Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief – Humor. “Uglyano”. Greek Gods. Surrealistic potterian-like movie.
  10. Up – Fantastic. Adventure. Imagination. Kind of movie that could make a kid cry.
  11. How to train your dragon
  12. Kind of a funny story
  13. The Hurt Locker – won an oscar!
  14. Date Night – a bit absurd, but with Mila Kunis!
  15. Alvin and the chipmunks – Justin Long‘s voice is Alvin
  16. Black Swan – One of the best movies of the year. Nathalie Portman does some excellent acting! And Mila Kunis of course too.
  17. The Day the earth stood still – Plainly boring.
  18. He’s just not that into you – amazing cast: Justin Long, Drew Barry Moore, Ben Afleck, Scarlett Johansson.
  19. The King’s Speech – Same guy from A Single Man (Colin Firth), but he stammers now.
  20. Precious – scrupulously cruel
  21. The Kids are all right
  22. Norwegian Wood – Alternative, rather obsurce flick, directed by a Vietnamese. Highly recommended.
  23. Magnolia – That movie with Tom Cruise where out of the blue frogs fall from the sky.
  24. Surrogates – Sci-Fi with Bruces Willis.
  25. Nowhere boy – documentary about John Lennon‘s life.
  26. Love Actually
  27. Valentine’s Day
  28. The Mechanic – Action. Hit man.
  29. TRON – Legacy: very disappointing. I was kind of sleepy while watching. Could have been called “revolutionary” in the 80s though.
  30. Castle in the sky – Anime. Crazy air pirates!
  31. I am number four – Absurd. Aliens and beaches?
  32. Quills – Marquis De Sade! Great.
  33. Season of the Witch – Nicolas Cage again. Guy wants to cash. Cheap.
  34. Just Go With It
  35. Unknown
  36. Inside Job – Recommended documentary about the economic meltdown. Strauss Khan is featured in this movie, before the incident.
  37. Love and other Drugs – Anna Hathaway!
  38. The Adjustment Bureau – Based on a Philip K. Dick. book.  Not too bad.  A bit silly.
  39. Friends with Benefits – Milan Kunis is featured here too. She looks so innocent and this movie really shows that she is an insanely good actress. Justin Timberlake as good as ever.
  40. Keith – Great acting. Unusual and special movie. A bit depressing about a kid who is about to die. Very emotional picture. Great story line.
  41. The Debt – Thriller. Mossad Soldiers. Great storyline. Unpredictable. Vogel. Nazis. Revolves around the idea of living with a lie for 30 years and justice.

So which movies did you see?

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