Outage over the weekend

You might have noticed it. An outage occurred as of last Friday (March 2nd), which continued over the weekend. The reason was that I didn’t update my configuration script properly after a server migration.

So how could this happen?

There was nothing miss with the migration itself from the old server to the new and faster server though. My hosting provider rightly and timely informed me on this. They even gave the instructions in their communications. Main point was that if you are using a MySQL database, you need to change the server settings in your scripts after the migration. For Joomla, phpBB and WordPress, the detailed instructions were even there.

Implication for WordPress is that you have to update the DB_HOST parameter in the wp-config file. I did this, using a copy-paste from the e-mail into WordPad. Here’s the catch. WordPad apparently used a different ASCII code for the apostrophe: instead of '. This threw an Error establishing a database connection error. Because PHP cannot interpret this. And the database connection was not set up properly as a result.

I couldn’t find the reason rightaway because PHP was not descriptive enough. It all looked fine initially. But I had to dig deeper. And I eventually found it!

Anyway, everything should be working fine now. Business as usual. And hell, it is March already!

Have a good week ahead!

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