My first chronograph

On the occasion of my first communion, I got a very exquisite, semi-golden watch as a gift from my grandmother. She already died but I am still keeping the watch somewhere close. The years following, I only had one more watch. I hardly wore it. It was a simple yet sporty, not-so-ordinary digital CASIO.

The thing is that I always thought of a watch as a functional thing: its purpose is to display the time and perhaps add an alarm clock. Nothing more, nothing less. So for me, it’s always been a sort of a redundant object as my phone would fulfill the need.

But people change and as they grow older, their needs also change. And I realized wrist watches have different attributes too. So I went looking around for a decent watch that I could wear day in day out. And an outstanding chronograph would be the right fitment. The features make you look so sharp and smart. It’s just really stylish.

In my search, I came across a few brands. Although I really dig the idea to once own a pricey Tag Heuer or a Junghans Max Bill, it is not within my reach just yet — let’s be honest, I wonder if it will ever. As this was going to be my first chronograph, I had to start from ground zero. There are a few great brands out there that are affordable, such as Tissot, Meistersinger, Lorus and Pulsar. But I was really impressed by Fossil’s designs. Indeed, my first chronograph: a Fossil Grant Leather Watch with a brownish strap.

The simplicity of the vintage timepieces make me look very fashionable together with my suit dress. The watch combines polished stainless steel and rich croco-embossed leather for a look that’s classic and refined at the same time. I also love the roman numerals set against the gunmetal dial.

Oh, and one more thing that is great about Fossil is their product packaging. You get too choose your own little box. Here’s the one I picked:

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