Piston on ear headphones

Recently I read this article about headphones in Citta. Citta is in fact a magazine about all those who love the city of Antwerp and its lifestyle. It has some excellent articles with a fresh view on the City, beautifully illustrated with page-filling and striking images. So I came across this article about headphones — I had been exploring them for so long! — and got engrossed in this brand called WeSC. I found out that WeSC is a streetfashion brand for intellectual slackers and that really appealed to me, hence this writing. The WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy founders all have a background in skateboarding, snowboarding and street culture. Late in 1999, these people joined forces to deliver a broader selection of street-fashion for men and women. They bring you ‘life after skate’  — almost 10 years back I had been involved into skateboarding too! —, a more developed style targeting people from the worlds of music, arts, snowboarding, acting, photography and more. And moreover, WeSC is not only about the products, it’s about good people coming together and doing great things. The creativity takes it forward. I like this idea. Since I discovered there is a flagship store in Antwerp too, I decide to go into the Lange Klarenstraat to go and see. I found some very affordable headphones, mid-range and just 54,95 euros. I picked the piston line, which comes with a compact folding design for easy carrying and storage — the rope-like cord is just 1,1m long . It works with any device having a 3,5mm stereo plug, weighs some 147g  and the sound quality is just really great. This makes it a very robust headphone and I could recommend it too anyone who is looking for a fashionable headphone that is not too pricey either.

Check out the below video, it gets me pumped 🙂

Profound and powerful idea

I was on the train talking to this British woman. She had just visited Belgium to set up an exhibition at the FotoMuseum in Antwerp and told me she had been a photojournalist and university teacher. She had been working very hard over the last couple of years to give shape to this photographic project about the Arab Spring. We discussed the techniques they applied, and she told me how they were using laser beams just to align the wall decoratings. “You need quite some eye for details”, I blurted. She laughed. And also, we talked about Mouammar Gaddafi and his dubious political career. About the power of social media which made the famous pictures go viral and around the world. A picture tells a thousand word and pictures just engage. We had a very good conversation about modern values too. But there was one thing that really sticked with me. She told me how she had been asking her friends what they were seeing through pictures. Because, she told me, that really shows what people value, i.e. what they see through the lenses of their eyes. And it’s true, that’s how you really get to know someone. Let someone tell you what they are seeing. It will bring out their love, desire, ambition, hope, concord, enthusiasm, drive whatever you want to call it. That’s inside out instead of outside in. I found that to be a very profound and powerful idea.