5 great facebook pages

There are so many great facebook pages out there! Those that post regularly funny images or inspirational quotes are usually the best. Since not all of you are my friends on facebook, here’s an overview of five pages I care about. Some are very popular, others more obscure! Go check them out.

9GAG9GAG is one of the best sources for fun. Really makes me laugh.

What the fuck should I do with my life? — Pep talk. Gets updated once every while.

Trust Me, I’m an “Active” Person — From the Trust Me family. Trust me I’m an “Active Person” is a fan page that was set up in order to bring together those who are active – regardless of the type of activity they perform. The main purpose of the page is to share content that is interesting and inspiring to all active people.

Knowledge of Today — This is all about spreading awareness. “The real Revolution is the Revolution of Consciousness. Education should be a process of stimulating and awakening people at the core of their being, thereby enabling them to sense the reality of interconnectedness, to appreciate the infinite potential in each person, in order to unlock and develop the power within to create happiness.”

Theories of the deep understanding of things — An audio & visual web-magazine, consisting of contemporary & less contemporary art, nice music, & some funny images.

Do you know any other great facebook pages with inspirational quotes, funny images or whatever it is you like?

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