HTC One — The verdict

I have been using my still new HTC One for a few weeks now. Here a few points.

Let’s start with the hardware.

  1. The phone has a metal uniform design, which makes it durable! It only weights 143 grams. On the other hand, with the leather SwitchEasy Flip case for the HTC One, the phone becomes quite heavy though.
  2. Since its only 9,3mm thick, the phone with its curved backing, fits perfectly in my hands.
  3. HTC One uses a 2300 mAh battery. It’s quite powerful and I don’t have to recharge the battery every single day. For me the battery life is quite ok.
  4. The 1,7 Ghz quadcore processor is fast as anything! With 2 gigabytes of RAM, the phone works swiftly.
  5. The 4,7 inch Super LCD screen is good and usually bright, but outside in full day light its often difficult to see the screen properly.
  6. The 4.3 MP camera is quite average. It is known that only in the dark it performs better than its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5. Also, a friend of mine recently had to get hers repaired because the sensor was showing grained pixels all over the place.
  7. The front speakers are just amazing and the phone is already replacing my radio with its superior Beats Audio sound system.

On the software front, there’s a lot I discovered:

  1. Runs Android 4.2.2 and comes with a ton of apps. Graphical intensive games also work flawlessly for instance.
  2. I love HTC’s revamped sense skin. It’s much more evolved if you compare it to my HTC Hero days. The BlinkFeed is just great. It’s basically an aggregator of news and social network content. It allows you to add topics and services which you like, and customize your home screen to a large extent. Important updates will then be shown on your home screen, including a picture. A very interesting feature, however the only think I don’t like is the fact that the services are pre-defined and all is under control by Mobile Republic. Alternatives like FlipBoard and Feedly are available of course, but how do you get them on your homescreen? This I still need to figure out. In overall BlinkFeed still works nicely and will enable you to not miss any important Facebook, Twittter or Google Calendar updates either. Highlights flow like a river when you scroll along the grid, and well yes, and pictures tell a thousand words isn’t?
  3. The Power saver feature is handy too. It will conserve CPU usage, reduce screen brigthness, turn off vibration feedback and automatically put to sleep your data connection when the screen is off. Allows you to save so much battery when you don’t need to use your phone intsensively.
  4. One thing I dislike is the fact that you cannot disconnect from the WiFi or turn off your Mobile data instantly. You need to first go to the settings screen, then only you can get things done. There’s a workaround here.
  5. Four shortcuts to frequently used applications can be stored on a dock at the bottom of the screen. Now a very handy thing is that you can also group applications under one “button”. I did this for all my social media apps, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Availabe now too at the ease of a click in the right bottom corner.

The verdict is a great score of 9 out of 10!

I’m a happy user.

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