Aviation Sunday

Yesterday I was at the International Sanicole Airshow.

I had never really heard of this airshow, let alone that I had ever been to one. But this 37th edition was already spectacular to me. You could call it a festival for the aviation crowd. There were participants from all over the world!

All aspects of aviation are basically covered in the airshow: colorful teams, fast jets, old-timers, breathtaking aerobatics, helicopters, gliders, parachute demos, … it’s all in there.

The dreadful weather from last week was suddenly gone. The sun was shining, the commentators were funny and the catering was delicious.

But the main point were the planes and the pilots of course. In fact, there were all sort of aircrafts: general propeller-driven planes, alpha jets, attack helicopters, old-timers, fighters and even a commercial airliner. Headliners such as the Patrouille de France and the Super Constellation were unique. The first one stood out in terms of acrobatics and elegance, while the 1939-built first cross-Atlantic old-timer is just so much nostalgia. The French also have some real fighter planes, such as the Dassault Rafale. It performed tremendously well, showing a high level of agility and the light flares are just so much fun.

The team’s all had their specialisms. It’s interesting to see how the captain leads the teams of mostly stunt pilots. And oh boy, did they show what they are capable of! Some teams formed very elegantly, others were better at acrobatics and others were all about precision and timing.

The Belgian airforce brought their A-109 Augusta. I made a short video of that.

The Red Devils were also present and others I recall are the Red Bull Matadors, Breitling Wingwalkers and Royal Jordanian Falcons. Oh, and the Dutch airforce showed off their AH-64D Apache helicopter.

I really loved the Swiss Airforce’ PC7 Team. They delivered an amazing performance and I was impressed by their precision, elegance and formations they could handle. Here’s another video.

Worth a visit, even if you don’t know much about aviation like me. You’ll definitely learn a few things!

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