Google Glass is not trivial

I’m pretty much fascinated with Google Glass.

As Dave Winer explains, Google Glass is not just a trivial product.

Here are 7 examples of his:

  1. A teacher giving a lecture while drawing a diagram on whiteboard.
  2. As a teleprompter for a person giving a speech.
  3. A doctor reviewing test results while examining a patient.
  4. An architect looking at designs on a site visit.
  5. Watching your heart rate while riding a bike.
  6. Sign-language interpreter for a real-time meeting.
  7. In general, as a heads-up display for jobs that require use of your hands and access to information, at the same time.

And a few more I came across:

  1. Helping an elder Alzheimer patient by recognizing and projecting the name of people on the display
  2. People with Parkinson often suffer from movement-related issues, including shaking, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking and gait. Using sounds and images, they can improve their steadiness and balance. Google Glass could be used to provide these image and sound instructions to the carrier.
  3. The newly granted US patent allows you to for example make a heart shape and you’ll “like” what’s front of you or frame something with your fingers and you’ll select it.

Are there any other mind-blowing applications?

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