My little library collection

I now have my own library. Which is to say: it took a while, but I scanned/registered all the 153 books/novels/encyclopedia’s I own, excluding comic books. They are up on my profile.

I’m a bit of a book collector, I must admit. And I still prefer to read my books in paper format, tied and bound together. It feels good to have paper physically in your hands, you know. I love the different covers, formats and shapes and the subtle differences that make a book: ink, weight, thickness, height, length, materials and various illustrations/artwork.

Anyway, LibraryThing is amazing. My whole collection is up there. I’m proud of it. More importantly, LibraryThing is full of other surprises too. There’s a recommendation engine based on your profile. It will show you read-alikes and it gets updated regularly. You can read reviews by others.

The best of all: library statistics. It even goes as far as the number of characters, different places, languages and so on. Most of my books are in English and only 20 are in Dutch, my mother tongue. Just go and have a look, it’s mind-blowing.

Then if you go to your books, you can sort the books as you wish. All kinds of views. Really interesting! This made me discover all kinds of things about my collection. For instance, the most LibraryThing’s community members own the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book by Douglas Adams. Le Petit Prince is on number 2, followed by The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.

Number four is Dicken’s Oliver Twist. I picked that book up on a Parisian street. It’s in French. I still have to read it.

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