The movies of 2013

Just like last year and the year before I’m keeping a list of all the movies I have seen throughout the year. 2013 has been quite busy for me. Hence, this translates in only half of a typical year. Here’s the list, without comments cause I’m just too busy doing other things. But hey, I’m not giving up this blog just yet!

  1. Skyfall
  2. Taken 2
  3. Argo
  4. Warrior
  5. the woman in black
  6. iron man 3
  7. the next three days
  8. epic
  9. meet joe black
  10. three idiots
  11. conjuring
  12. rush
  13. oblivion
  14. now you see me
  15. flight
  16. the way back
  17. side effects
  18. hummingbird
  19. gravity
  20. the secret life of walter mitty
  21. lara croft: tomb raider
  22. zot van A

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