Still going strong and getting serious about HRM

Well, no more running stats. Yet I’m still disciplined to run the miles. I’m having fun as ever and it’s bloody addictive. Indeed, the Antwerp Marathon is coming quite close now and is just one month and a half away. I suffered from a few injuries here and there, mostly with my left knee. But then I switched to softer grounds. I’m trying to maintain the 40+ regime every week. It’s tiring I must admit but each time it feels like such an accomplishment.

Schermafbeelding 2014-03-08 om 11.14.57As for the tracking, I’m no longer tinkering with MyTracks. I switch to runkeeper and strava nowadays. Why? Richer data, features, the social dimension and so on. It’s logical. But now I know my way around in the Google world too. Runkeeper has some great reporting features. It’s clear and simple and almost all my sporty friends use it. And then well, Strava has segments and all. More importantly: I got myself a Wahoo fitness Blue HR strap. I mostly use it to see how intense my trainings are. I’m not a premium user, so I cannot really set custom heart rate zones and dial in to my workouts for deeper analysis. As for the strap itself: it fits really fits well and the battery should last for about a year. Heck, it’s low energy!

BTLE, or bluetooth low energy, is the new bluetooth setup and Wahoo is one of the first heart rate monitors that is built on this technology. iPhone 5 supports this technology too and so do the apps. The thing is that almost no runner app supports BTLE with Android at this moment. Despite that Android is such a large market, it is only available since version 4.2 I believe. And then of course, your hardware should support this new technology. You could sort of say that Android is behind the curve on this. It is only now that apps are expermenting with the integration of BTLE for Android. Luckily I got my hands on a beta version for Strava (now also Endomondo). It works flawlessly and has reported good data throughout. Apparently runkeeper is going to be supporting BTLE HRM’s in the future for Android too. They do not have a set ETA at this time though.

Eventually I will stick to one app and I’m not quite sure yet which one. Runkeeper has training plans in its newest release and I’m finally getting to grips with Strava 🙂 Using both of them is just not practical.


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