So I just downloaded Splunk and I’m getting hands on my MacBook Pro! It was during an IT Service Management training that I first heard of Splunk. No wonder as it has its roots in the IT shop and I met such folks there.

Splunk is a platform for operational intelligence. It processes data and streams, coming from different places. Just like in an IT department where you have tons of servers generating massive amounts of data. So if there’s an interruption for instance, Splunk helps you find find the needle in the haystack. Splunk can help custom reps for instance to mine through the big data.

From another perspective, splunk is also a platform. It’s like a whole set op APIs. It also offers a JavaScript SDK that a front end developer or node developer can build on. And it gets even better: with the web framework toolkit, you can extend splunk’s dashboard features.

Splunk got my interest as it seems to offer lots and lots of goodness for the Web — it’s build on HTML5, Django, Jquery for visualization et cetera. Stuff that a typical  Javascript engineer is comfortable with.

Splunk seems to understand that a lot of data nowadays (Internet of Things) is generated in JSON and that JavaScript works a good platform for this. This doesn’t require you to have classess, methods and properties, but allows you to work with loose information directly.

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