So Philip decided a while ago already to pull the plug on It is no longer.

It’s very sad to see his site going.

Here’s what he wrote to me (in Dutch):

Het is nu al een tijdje dat ik er nog iets mee gedaan heb en ik heb besloten om er komaf mee te maken en een nieuwe start te maken. Ik ga mijn website volledig herdenken en er iets nieuws van maken. Hoe dat er zal uit zien weet ik nog niet, maar ik weet wel dat mijn huidige site niet meer in dat verhaal past.

The good news though is that he is rethinking his place on the Web and building it from the ground up. I’m very curious!

Here’s a tribute to one of his best posts. It appeared as one of the last, but it was one of his greatest:

There must always be balance. A personal balance, life balance, natural balance, spiritual balance or the day-to-day daily balance. A scale with alternating weights but a constant average. A perpetuum mobile in the form of a resistance-less swinging pendulum. A gust of air heating up and cooling down as it is pushed up and down by high and low atmosphere pressure. A borderline as thick as a knife’s edge in the middle of the distance between the water levels of high and low tide.

No man is happy always. No man smiles 24/7.

No man suffers always. No man frowns 24/7.

There is value in balance. Adversity grows strength, but becomes fatal without joy. Joy renews mind and body, but loses value and meaning when not challenged.

That was so resonating with me!

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