Over the weekend a blog post on Mashable about eyewear technology got my attention. Augmented reality glasses are hot!

It was through an interview by Robert Scoble that I learnt about a company called Meta. I hadn’t really talked about them and now feels like a good time. I like people with big, crazy ideas and the folks over at Californian-based startup do exactly this.

Meta is building the SpaceGlasses. It can do a while lot more than Google Glass (the screen oss said to boast 15 times the display area of Google Glass) and it’s trendy. Wearing the device creates a hologram-like display that users can sort through with their hands, similar to the technology seen in Iron Man and Minority Report. So you can manipulate virtual objects with your bare hands, or view informational overlays on top of your surroundings. Apparently you can also create 3D scans of objects too. Imagine the possibilities!

The glasses are a two-part system: one half 3D output display, and one half 3D scanner. The output display allows the user to see holograms — say, an image or computer file — and the scanner scans the environment and tells the computer where to place the graphics relative to the wearer. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

Here’s the interview with Scoble:

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