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Recently I stumbled upon an app called Runister. In this post I will explain some specific technicalities there is to the game as this may not be entirely clear.

For starters, Runister basically rewards you to run. The more you run, the more you earn.

Before you can start earning money, you need to qualify by running a number of kilometers. Then the in-app purchase functionality becomes available and you have the option to subscribe to Runister Plus. The monthly subscription feed costs you 1,99 € per month.

The game has its own virtual currency, called Runnies. And there are seven levels. So you start in Level 1. Once you obtain 200 Runnies, you can upgrade to Level 2 and you will be a gain at 0 Runnies and 0 €. Like this with all the levels.

Anonther element is the monthly fee.  Once you are member of a specific level, you have your specific monthly fee. In Level 1 you have a monthly fee of 5 Runnies. In Level two this fee is 15 Runnies per month. Let’s say that you are in Level 1 today… on the 1st of February Runister will discount 5 Runnies from your whole amount of Runnies. Also note that if, you are not using the app each month Runister will charge you the Runnie monthly fee anyway.

At the moment when you withdraw your money,  you will start from scratch regarding Runnies and money but your level will remain the same that you got at the withdrawal point.

When you withdraw your money earned, you do not need to withdraw all your money. You will that you can play a little with a gadget inside of the earnings screen. So, if for example you have 30€ accumulated there, you can withdraw 20€ and keep 10€ in your account. What is true is that the minimum withdrawal amount is 11€.

Unless you stop using the app your level will not be reset. This means, if you are for instance in Level 4 where you have a Runnie monthly fee of 25 Runnies per month and you do not use the app for 4 months you will have -100 Runnies in your account and Runister will drop you to Level 3.

Runister is currently only available for iPhone but an Android version is also in the make.

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