My two cents on the BlackBerry outage

For three consecutive days now the RIM network is suffering from an outage. The consequences are vast to say the least. People are missing meetings,  are unreachable by family & friends because BlackBerry Messenger is broken down. And a PR disaster for RIM of course. By the way, it doesn’t seem to get much better, now that the US market (represent half of their customers) and their home market Canada are also affected.

So yesterday it was all over on CNN. After the news item, CNN had invited a psychologist to discuss the impact of technology on our lives. The psychologist explained that technology offers us some kind of security and at the same time technology is making our lives increasingly more easy. Bottom line is that we are dependent of technology.

Honestly – I think they are missing the whole point here.

The real deal is that RIM its service is failing. We shouldn’t be talking about running out of drugs when a drug dealer is not delivering. It is fair to point fingers to RIM in this case.

No offense, I do think the BlackBerry is a pretty cool and fancy device. Once manager assistant, now common good. Reason why I don’t have one? Exactly because of what happened. These are tethered appliances, controlled by a corporation.  BlackBerries are a single point of failure basically. This is in contrast with the Internet, which is distributed by nature and by design.

Much to learn from!

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