Vung Tau (i)

One of our first trips in Vietnam was to Vung Tau. This is not so a touristic city, wouldn’t it be for the 32m-high statue of Jesus. You do find foreigners there for a different reason: the crude oil. Vung Tau as a petroleum extraction center is economically very important to Vietnam and situated near Ho Chi Minh city, in the south.

This post talks about my morning in Cloud Lake, Vung Tau.

A vessel took us from Saigon to Vung Tau. Before boarding I of course had to take a picture first with Ho Chi Minh‘s tallest skyscraper, the Bitexco Financial Tower.

Upon arriving, I already saw a lot of sea and vessels (not surprising of course).

The plan was to head to Cloud Lake. So we took the cable car (my first one in Vietnam). It was an enjoyable ride with some stunning views.

It is difficult to categorize Cloud Lake because it has a bit of everything but not much of anything. It is not a theme park because there are only a few rides. There is also something that resembles a zoo or a natural reserve. We started off with a breakfast. I went with an omelet sunny side up. And I tried the first ever fresh and delicious yoghurt mango juicy shake.

The rest of the morning we spent in Cloud Lake. Below is a beautiful statue of Ho Chi Minh himself.

On Cloud Lake, there was the first Buddha for me to see.

There were some special spiritual statues surrounding the pagoda too.

And I got my first chance on Cloud Lake to enter a Pagoda barefoot.

We also took a short rail ride and basically just enjoyed the stunning views and nature. It was very quiet and peaceful. That basically captures my morning in Vung Tau…

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