Live music in Ho Chi Minh City

I have always enjoyed music. And especially live music. I just love shredding guitars and pounding basses. Raw. All the shit we hear on the radio is sometimes just too overly produced, soft, and licked. And I can really appreciate a live concert when everything just feels right.

While staying in Ho Chi Minh, I was very lucky because my girlfriend took me out to 2 clubs with live music. Just what I like. I have been too many gigs already in the past while I was kind of active in the punk and hardcore scene. In my hometown, we usually would head to den drempel, Hof ter Loo or Trix. But these are gigs with an entrance fee. And in the loud metal/punk genre. And seriously, I can’t really come up with any place in Antwerp that is a cozy small music club with cover bands/artists. There will always almost be an obliged entrance fee. You might find “live music” it in a bar though, maybe in something like Irish pub Kelly’s.

Oh boy, what had I been missing! In Ho Chi Minh City, there are lots of opportunities to go enjoy an adorable night out with live music or any other form of entertainment basically. In the music clubs there,  you just buy a few drinks (marked up of course, but still reasonably priced) and that makes it very affordable in my opinion. The bartender and band get what they deserve, and you can enjoy live music. A win-win situation.

The first club that we went to is called Acoustic. Probably the best known venue there. Vietnam’s leading musicians flock to Acoustic for cameo cover versions. It was very lividly. The crowd was going crazy with many of the songs, singing along the lines. There was a good variety of songs, genres and singers.

Another great place is called Yoko. It was Tet, so the venue was packed just like in Acoustic. But I attended during Tet, so that might explain. Yoko’s venue is very cozy (small stage, comfy chairs and revolving art-works) and the crowd that gathers here is comparable to Acoustic’s: locals, holiday makers and expats. The music is more geared towards indie rock. The band performing that night was called Microwave (resident band apparently). They were covering songs that night that went from the likes of Lady Gaga to Abba to Guns’n Roses to end with Linkin Park. Great singer with an exquisite, highly pitched voice. And a very amusing band.

Below a Vietnamese song of theirs called Chỉ là giấc mơ (it’s only a dream).

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