The movies of 2012

Wow, again I have seen lots of movies last year and it’s time to look back (Previously: 2011.) I’ve included links for more information where I could, and italicized the titles of the movies I recommend without reservation. And here and there I added a (key)word or two, indicating the feelings it evoked or the theme.

  1. I, Robot: according to Isaac Asimov‘s book. Trivia: features an awesome Audi concept car. Will Smith does some great acting.
  2. The Reader: love the soundtracks and cinematography. Themse include SS, law versus morality or better: what you’d feel versus what you’d do (choice). Loved Kate Winslet in it. Great story writing.
  3. Twilight: breaking down part I: vampires everywhere!. Like concept of group mind and imprinting.
  4. Crazy Stupid Love – Kevin Bacon (again the bad guy), Julian Moore and this guy from date night. Funny. Absdurd
  5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: story is hard to comprehend. Feels disjointed with 2 themes coming together. Punk!
  6. The Sorcerer and the White Snake. Made in China. Very symbolic and just some kick-ass wonderful 3D animations!
  7. Alvin and the Chipmunks – chipwrecked: dissappointing, but it remains hilarious.
  8. Abduction. Twilight Taylor in it. Tense.
  9. Red Riding Hood. Features Dear John actress.
  10. The Eagle. Again Dear John guy. Easy going. Honour. Conscience.
  11. The Flowers of War / Nanjing Hero. Atrocious (Bejing versus Nanjing). Playful at times and deadly serious in others. Top action movie!
  12. Snow flower and The Secret Fan. How life can sometimes turn. Beautiful cinematography. Top Chinese production IMO! There’s quite some culture and Chinese tradition in it, like tying feets.
  13. Margin Call. Features Kevin Spacey and Demi Moore. Financial Crisis, from the perception of investment bankers.
  14. Immortals. Loads of blood. Awesome special effects. Gods seem very much gay. Spears and crossbows. And of course Athena, Poseidon and Zeus.
  15. After Shock. Careless life serenity versus grievance. Family will always be family. Earth quake and the resulting cataclysm.
  16. You will meet a Tall Dark Stranger
  17. Hunger Games. Wow amazing sci fi movie, extrapolating realtiy tv. Features Caprica lady.
  18. Young Adult.
  19. Never Let Me Go. Original. Clones!
  20. The Grey. Just brilliant.
  21. The Ides of March. Ryan Gosling and George Clooney. Politics. Members of Parliament and the congress.
  22. Bel Ami
  23. Cosmopolis
  24. Love in the time of cholera
  25. The Vow
  26. Shame
  27. L’amant (The Lover)
  28. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Prefer the book over the movie.
  29. Chronicle. Super Powers. Not realistic. Not my cup of tea.
  30. Haywire
  31. The Dark Knight Rises. So so.
  32. One Day
  33. Savages
  34. Drive. Ryan Gosling’s best so far!
  35. Contraband
  36. Bridesmaid
  37. Perhaps Love. Love triangle.
  38. Killer Elite
  39. The Help
  40. The Tourist
  41. Looper. Just watch this.
Ha, again the count is around 40. I have hardly seen a movie in 2013…