Running endeavours

This year seems to be my running year!

I have done a lot of training over the past months and the persistence paid off. Here’s the verdict.

Firstly, the winter was horribly cold and filled with snow, which makes it very inconvenient to train at all.

As time progressed, I got more serious about my running endeavours and rigorously followed a training scheme which made me run up to 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and during the weekend. You really have to stick to your plans.

And it didn’t stop me from completing my first goal for April: running the Antwerp 10 miles in less than 1h20 minutes.

I don’t know how exactly I did it, but I managed to finish at a whopping time of 1:11:57.  Easy job right?

For me it was a first, and my performance even placed me in the 10% range I found out later. I’m very proud!

Then late May there was the 20km door Brussel. But it went downhill from here as I didn’t train regularly anymore (had to recover and then just other business going on).

As a result, the 20km was more challenging since I suffered from a severe cold and sour throat, and secondly because I stopped training. Also, there were over 35000 participants which were hindering me.

But I really enjoyed the race and eventually pulled off to finish at 1:34:43. Position 4594, 12%-best ranking.


Execution is everything! The show must go on and I hope to pick up the running again over the next few weeks to pursue one of my dreams.

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