Plan for disaster

Disaster can strike at any time. And last weekend it almost happened to me. I was very close to losing half a terabyte! My 2.5 inch external hard disk didn’t boot anymore. Literally thousands of pictures I have taken the last few years could have gone down the drain. I was very frightened because you really don’t want to lose such valuable and memorable data. And the issue was I didn’t have any complete backups apart from here and there some spread-out data.


Luckily the disk is still accessible, but it remains very unstable. I am now in the process of transferring all the data to another external disk. Sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes to copy an MP3-sized file so its a very lenghty operation. The most important thing though is that all the data is likely going to be recovered.

I think the root cause is some dust that might have entered in the disk because I always carry it around with me very carelessly — you will understand if you know me better.

Lesson learnt: plan for disaster! Put in backup mechanisms so that you can recover your data at anytime. As a first, I will get myself a new storage devic. And I’m also rediscovering flickr as everyone is getting a free terabyte nowadays.

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