40 android apps you should have

My new HTC One is just great. But what is a top smartphone without some good apps? Here an overview of Android apps that I have installed and that I think you might find useful too. By this I mean I won’t discuss “default” apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Every app that I listed has a direct link to the Google play store, which allows you to easily install any app you like.

I also noticed, while drafting this article, that I’m no longer using apps built on APIs for Twitter or Facebook. Think along seesmic and hootsuite. There’s clearly a trend towards native clients. I also found out that many apps which I required and used in the past, are now supported natively by Android, like for example making screenshots. That’s a positive evolution! Another observation is that Google’s Play store is not designed to share applications on other platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. It’s really Google+-only! That’s why we need to compile lists like these. One thing is sure though: so much changed in over 5 years!


LibraryThing Scanner – Records your path, speed, distance, and elevation while you walk, run, bike, or do anything else outdoors. While recording, you can view your data live, annotate your path, and hear periodic voice announcements of your progress.

Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer — Beautifully designed Stopwatch and Countdown timer!

Android Terminal Emulator — Access your Android’s built-in Linux command line shell. Unleash your inner geek!

Sky Map — If you like looking up to the stars at all the extraordinary amazing planets, this app is for you.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner — Find the right product at the best price!

PdaNet+ — Turn your Android phone into free WiFi hotspot or USB broadband modem. No rooting. No tether plan needed.

AndFTP (your FTP client) — AndFTP is an FTP client that can manage several FTP configurations and comes with an FTP file browser.

OI Safe — Solution for your password needs! Safely protects all of your passwords and other private data using industry standard AES encryption.

Sygic — One of the best GPS navigator apps for Android. High quality TomTom maps are encased within the app, so users don’t need internet to access them. Sygic offers users turn-by-turn voice navigation and spoken street names to help drivers stay focused on the road. Other features include speed camera warnings for fast drivers, and dynamic lane guidance to know your in the right lane.

AK Notepad — Simple, clean end easy to use notepad for Android.

ConnectBot — ConnectBot is a powerful open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client. It can manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels, and copy/paste between other applications.

ASTRO Cloud & File Manager — Organize, view and retrieve all of your pictures, music, videos, documents or other files regardless of where they are located: phone, tablet, clouds, pc, mac or Linux. Great tool!

Google Goggles — This is the world AFTER QR codes. You can just search by taking a picture: point your mobile phone camera at a painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image. If Goggles finds it in its database, it will provide you with useful information.


My Tracks – Allows you to scan the ISBN barcodes of your book and add it to your book catalog on LibraryThing.

Noom CardioTrainer — Your partner for any fitness activity — from biking to yoga! Keeps track of your favorite activities and results on-the-go wherever and whenever you want.


Find Differences — Compare two images and spot five differences between them.

Alchemy — This is a quite special game. You have only four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. If you combine them and their products, you can get more than 300 new elements. You can create a Life, Beer, Vampires, Skyscrapers and much more..

World History Quiz
— Tests your knowledge of the major events and people since the beginning of recorded history.

Trivia Burst — Best Trivia game out there with over 50,000 quiz questions in 25 categories.

Sudoku Free — Free Sudo puzzles with 4 difficulty levels, intuitive interface, and all the functions right at your fingertips. Interrupted? Exit, and the puzzle is saved exactly as you see it!

Parallel Kingdom MMO