Not every delusion is harmless

I’m rediscovering Cory Doctorow. At re:publica 2013 he talks about that the Internet is the nervous system of the 21st Century.

Everything we do in our world involves computers today. And that means that every problem we have in our world also involves computers today, and that means that increasingly our policymakers, our regulators, our politicians and our police are going to look to regulating computers and controlling computers as a way to solving social problems

He warns that freedom will die if we don’t stop the trend toward depraved indifference in Internet law.

Users don’t want general-purpose computers. They only want appliances but you can make an appliance that isn’t built with spyware out of the box. A computer that’s designed only to do one thing,  like your cable box. But if that business model depends on that device having a rootkit on it, so that the users can’t decide to use it for something else or add a feature to it, there something wrong. People do want appliances of course, but they don’t want their connect spying on them.

As always, Cory’s thoughts are very provoking.

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