Running stats for October 2013

We are November now and here and update on the running action from last month. I’m back in full swing! Let’s recap.

As for the weather: it’s raining now and then, but luckily the pollen is down. And there’s still some sun around the corner!

My running routine is to keep it up on average 3 times per week. It goes like this: the same 6 KM post-work run on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and then an easy paced 20KM+ during the weekend. I think I maintained this very well and the stats reflect this too.


My total distance was 184KM (September: 120KM) and a whopping 15 tracks (September: 11 tracks)! I’m satisfied. Things are going the right direction. I’m thinking to also keep track of the timings, because as for long distances it’s basically about how long you can keep going. At least the data is available, but I can’t quite grasps how Google is calculating this.

Keep you posted.

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