Running stats for November 2013

Winter kicked in and I got a cold. The bad thins is I only have data for the first 3 weeks (I shot down during week 46 and 47), but the good thing is I managed to pull of a 28KM run! Still, I realize it’s becoming very tough. After 20KM’s I usually feel very hungry and dehydrated so I’m considering energy bars. I heard it can make a big impact.

And as for the Winter: I came across following tips. Luckily I’m fully recovered and hope to reach the 30KM milestone at one go this month. I hope this new goal motivates me to train more regularly and to step up, else I will never reach my ultimate goal: the marathon. Instead of the typical 7KM I’m doing on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, I’ll aim for 10!

In the winter it’s cold and wet outside, so I’ll need to wear adequate clothing too: trousers, hat and gloves and custom sock will hopefully keep me warm and dry.

Also, there’s a bigger chance of injury, especially in freezing weather. We should never make the mistake of comparing our workouts with those in the summer. It’s a different equation altogether.  Moreover, research has shown that the ideal training volume during the winter is between 40 and 60 miles per week . That way our immune system stays in shape and we will be less likely to catch a cold .

Apparently it’s important to drink water in the winter too. After all, in winter we almost lose as much fluid as in summer . You also transpires at lower temperatures , and then there’s also the dry winter air, which causes additional dehydration.

Lastly: protect your skin which also suffers from the dry winter air.

Catch you next month!

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