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There’s an important update regarding my running endeavours.

Yes, I have been logging the miles and tracking my progress. It took me lots of workouts, lots of sweat and pain. But I reached a major milestone! On 27 April I ran the Antwerp marathon. Heck: I ran the full marathon distance! My first ever.

Why would someone be so crazy to run 42,195km? First of all, it’s lots of fun! Yes, it takes a lot of training and energy. But on raceday, you will soon forget about that. It just feels amazing to see people cheering all over the place. The support you get from your family and friends has a big impact too.

I ran the marathon for myself to see what I am capable of. Obviously, it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to reach such a goal. But I am very proud of myself. I don’t want to proof to other people that I am a fighter or a disciplined person. I am not bloating about it. But people keep asking about it. And I notice it does give me respect and self-confidence. And I am so happy with the accomplishment.

So how did it go? In overall good. My time was 3h32, really good for a beginner. The first 20 miles went really great, but then I completely collapsed. I did not expect this to happen. My heart pumped as crazy and my lungs couldn’t keep up flowing the oxygen through my veins. I don’t mind admitting that I had to walk a couple of times. It was my first time after all. Next time I will follow one of the pace makers as I did at the 20KM in Brussels. This really seems to help you dose your energy.

On a side note: at my younger years I have always been a good runner. I really haven’t been doing much of sports during my days at University. But I’m picking that up again. And I want to continue building this up. Note to self: in bits and pieces as everything has to be in balance. That’s the recipe to success.

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